Biltmore Swim and Racquet Club Patio Association

Neighborhood Pride Checklist

  • Is your fence in good repair? Is it leaning? Are there parts that need to be replaced? Does the gate close properly?
  • Is your mailbox in good repair? Is the post straight? Are the house numbers clearly visible?
  • Do you move your trash and recycling bins out of sight by the end of the pickup day?
  • Is the paint on your house in good repair?
  • Is your chimney in good repair?
  • Do you clean the gutters periodically to remove leaves and other debris?
  • Do you keep the grass in your backyard properly maintained?
  • Is your driveway in good repair?
  • Do you remove seasonal decorations in a timely fashion?
  • Is the landscaping around your home well maintained? How about the flower beds?
  • Do you clean up in front of your property? Newspapers? Yard debris?
  • Do your trees need to be trimmed? Are there dead branches that need to be removed?
  • Remember: If not attended to, each of these items could result in a violation or fine. Also, all homes must pass a Convenant Compliance Inspection (CCI) to receive a re-sale certificate. Updated: February 2, 2020

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